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Taro Tokui, PhD
President and Representative Director

Taro Tokui, PhD

Our Challenge

Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare was born in 2011 with the mission of playing a role in the global R&D function of the Daiichi Sankyo Group by building an advanced technological foundation that supports innovative drug discovery and a high-quality clinical development process.

In order to realize the Daiichi Sankyo Group's mission "Create innovative pharmaceuticals addressing diverse medical needs", we are developing innovative platforms for drug discovery research, translational research and clinical development.

In the 5-Year Business Plan, we have established the goal of "Realizing Productive Drug Discovery Processes Based on Disease Understanding," and will promote drug discovery utilizing digital technology.

The Drug Discovery Research unit provides information for the generation and optimization of lead compounds for target molecules, and endeavors to increase the possibilities and research efficiencies of new discovery research.

The Translational Research unit is working to understand disease mechanisms and response to drugs and increase the probability of drug discovery success by comprehensively analyzing clinical and preclinical samples, particularly in clinical research laboratories with GCP compliance standards.

The Clinical Development unit provides clinical trial operations and development-related operations with high quality and reliability, and in order to lead global development originating in Japan, we are focusing on Phase I clinical trials in the oncology field and working on building the system to efficiently operate international collaborative trials.

Pioneering the Future

The company name "Novare" originates from the Latin word "Change and Transform." In order to realize our desire to deliver medicines that work effectively to each and every patient as soon as possible, we always strive to act with agility ahead of the changing times.Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare will leverage its advanced platform to innovate the drug discovery process and become the driving force for drug discovery.

The Driving Force Behind New Drug Discovery

Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare evolves to Change the Drug Discovery Process. With an advanced drug discovery platform consisting of cutting-edge drug discovery technologies and high-quality clinical development, the company strives to be a driving force behind the drug discovery with both reliability and speed.

The Driving Force Behind New Drug Discovery