The Driving Force Behind New Drug Discovery。




Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare, a technology-led company
that is the driving force behind new drug discoveries.
As a new challenge, the Clinical Research Laboratory
has committed to accelerating oncology research and development.

President and
Representative Director

徳井 太郎


The ardent desire of all Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare employees is to make as many patients smile as we can with our technologies. Our objective is to create drugs that are really effective for each and every patient.

To do so, we initiated a challenge to transform the drug discovery process.

The application of knowledge and technologies developed in nonclinical research to the analysis of clinical specimens will lead to an accurate understanding of the mechanisms of disease occurring in humans and lead to the discovery of new drugs.

In the future, we aim to become a leading player in the drug discovery ecosystem by analyzing cancer clinical samples in collaboration with multiple clinical institutions.


Creating cutting-edge facilities and organizations to ensure reliability.

The laboratory went into full operation in April 2019.
We introduced state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, and ensured
the reliability of data and information through the organizational operation
of GCP compliance.

Translational Research Department
Vice President

長澤 康男


The main axis of the lab is genomics.
Multilayered and precise analysis is being achieved by conducting research in conjunction with informatics, molecular pathology, and genomics.

In addition, we are focusing on the construction of sophisticated IT systems that ensure security and the establishment of a system for quality assurance.

We believe it is possible to ensure the reliability of laboratories by properly processing the complex and vast amounts of human genome information and by handling it safely in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.


Our specialists who take on the challenge of understanding diseases

Molecular pathology

Analyze what is happening at the lesion site

Translational Research Department
Molecular Pathology Group
Senior Researcher

小林 真季


In molecular pathology, we perform highly precise clinical research by correctly handling clinical specimens and identifying lesions based on histopathological knowledge.

By visualizing the changes in expression and by localizing target molecules, we analyze what happens at the lesion site.

Genetic analysis

Analyze gene expression and genetic mutations
in collaboration with molecular pathology

Translational Research Department
Genomics Group

大島 慶子


Genetic analysis involves analyzing gene expression and mutations in conjunction with molecular pathology.

For example, we improve our understanding of the effects and side effects of drugs by analyzing cancer tissues and the microenvironment surrounding the cancer tissues, and by performing correlative analyses between histopathology and gene expression.

Translational Research Department
Bioinformatics Group
Senior Director

岡本 敦之


Genomic analysis of clinical samples is also the ultimate analysis of personal information.
Therefore, we have constructed a rigorous and robust system to accurately track samples and manage data.


Understand diseases mechanism and
generate hypotheses by genomic analysis

Translational Research Department
Genomics Group
Senior Director

和田 直也


On the basis of this robust and secure analysis environment,
we are working to understand diseases at the genome
and even the epigenome level by using a variety of
genomics analysis techniques and
sophisticated informatics techniques
with appropriate processing of specimens.

By pooling the collective power of its staff, Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare is taking on the challenge of fully understanding diseases.
A world in which we can rapidly deliver optimal drugs to each and every patient in need of a new drug.

The Clinical Research Laboratory,
Accelerating Oncology R&D

The Clinical Research Laboratory of Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare,
which took a major step with the vision of leading clinical research
in the field of cancer in Japan.
The ultimate goal is the realization of a world
in which we can rapidly deliver optimal drugs to each and every patient
in need of a new drug.

The Driving Force Behind New Drug Discovery
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