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Handling of personal informationPolicy

DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), recognizes that it is important to respect personal information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, which can identify individuals, and we give maximum consideration to dealing with such personal information. On DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE CO., LTD Website (hereinafter referred to as "Website"), we have decided to handle personal information as set out below.


In order to prevent loss, abuse or changes to the personal information managed by this Website, we have instituted strict security measures, and safeguard personal information in a secure environment that is inaccessible to general users. Moreover, in order to protect data transfer when personal information is being transmitted, we use the industry-wide standard SSL encryption (*1).

*1. SSL(Secure Socket Layer) This is a transmission protocol for encrypting information transmitted over the Internet. On SSL-equipped pages, information entered by customers is password-protected.


On this Website, in order to provide users with a customized service, we may use cookies (*2).

*2. Cookies are information sent by the server to be stored on the hard drive of the user's computer.

Personal Information of People aged 15 years or under

When people aged 15 years or under transmit personal information to this Website, they must do so with the permission of their guardian, or do so under supervision or control.

Information Protection on Linked Sites

We have links to third-party web sites on this Website, but we do not in any way look after the handling of personal information that users provide to these third-party web sites. Please confirm the conditions regarding the handling of personal information that are posted on each linked sites.

Privacy policy regarding personal information

Any personal information collected from you on this "DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE Web site" will not be shared or disclosed to any third party "without your express permission", unless "we are required to do so by law". However, depending on the nature of your inquiry, we may share or disclose the information we collect from you to our group companies. Please understand this before you make an inquiry. We may outsource this site's creation and management to an outside company which we consider reliable. If this is the case, we will conclude a non-disclosure agreement with such outside company in order to protect the personal information of the users of our site.

How to request Disclosure

Regarding the personal information we possess, the Company will respond to requests from the user himself or herself, or a representative, for disclosure, correction, additions, deletions, suspension of use or erasing. We will follow the "Methods for procedures in requests for disclosure" of DAIICHI SANKYO's personal information protection policy.

Opinions and Questions

If you have any opinions or questions regarding personal information on this Website, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Terms and ConditionsPolicy

This Website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is operated by DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE COMPANY, LIMITED. Before using the Website, we would like you to read the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"), and use the Website if you agree with the Terms. After you have begun using the Website, you are deemed to have agreed with the Terms as set out below. We may change the Terms without prior notice. In this case, the revised Terms will be posted, and we kindly ask you to confirm the latest Terms. All matters relating to use of the Website and Terms are governed by the laws of Japan. All disputes arising from use of the Website are to be filed with the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive jurisdiction for the initial hearing.


The contents of the Website (information, materials, images, sounds, trademarks, designs, etc) as well as information transmitted or distributed by electronic mail etc. are the property of?DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE?COMPANY, LIMITED, its subsidiaries, associated companies or partner companies, and are protected by copyright laws, etc. Therefore, secondary uses such as reproduction, diversion, reuse, republication, or sale, etc. without our prior permission are prohibited. Furthermore, it is not permitted to change, modify, revise or amend the contents in any way. It is not permitted to use or divert the contents of the Website outside the Company for commercial or non-commercial purposes or intranet use.


Although we make every effort to ensure that the contents of the Website are accurate and up to date, we are not responsible for their validity or accuracy. We reserve the right to change, correct, suspend or cancel the contents, functions and URL's on the Website without prior notice. Moreover, we are not responsible for any damage arising from the results. We ask for your understanding for the above in advance.

Damage to Computer Equipment

We take no responsibility for any damage to users' computer equipment or virus infection caused by users' access, use or browsing of the Website, or downloading text, images, pictures, sound, or applications.

Communicating by Electronic Mail, etc.

We have no obligation to reply to communication by electronic mail and so on. Since we cannot treat the information and materials provided to us by means of electronic mail (except for personal information) as confidential, we would like you not to send us any confidential information. We can freely use information (except for personal information) and materials provided to us for any purpose including reproduction or announcements. Moreover, we can freely use ideas, concepts and know-how etc. contained in the information (except for personal information) and materials provided to us for any purpose including product development, manufacture, sales, etc.

Violation of the Terms

If users violate these Terms, we will erase personal information obtained from them, and thereafter may take measures to stop them using the Website. In the case of taking such measures, we are not responsible for any inconvenience or damage to users. Moreover, if the Company suffers damage due to a violation of the Terms by users, we may demand appropriate compensation.

Links from the Website

For the convenience of users, we may establish links to third-party websites on this Website. When accessing these linked websites, please note that they are completely independent, and we have no responsibility for their contents. Moreover, we are not responsible for compensation for any damage incurred from the use of a third-party website.

Links to the Website

As a general rule, please create links using the method shown below. The name of the link is any of the following: "DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE", "DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE COMPANY, LIMITED" or "DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE(KK)." The link DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE CO., LTD can be any of the following: "DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE", "DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE CO., LTD" or "DAIICHI SANKYO RD NOVARE (KK)". It is prohibited to use the company's logo in the link.

Publication of this Website

If you wish to use this Website for publications such as magazines books or advertisements, or in media such as a mail magazine, we would like you to inform us before publication.

URL Display

When you insert the URL of the Website for web contents, published material, printed material, documents, etc., we would like you to use either of the following:


Contact UsContacts

Please refer to "Handling of personal information on this website" and "Terms and Conditions" before you make an inquiry.

  • ・Depending on the nature of your inquiry, it may take some time to reply or we may answer your inquiries by e-mail.
  • ・Please refrain from disclosing our answers to a person other than the intended recipient, by diverting or reusing them, whether wholly or partially, without our prior permission.
  • ・You can access the "Inquiry Form" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the hours we are available for inquiries are between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays (Japan time).
  • ・Please note that we will not be able to answer any inquiries related to diseases or medical treatments.
  • ・Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare reserves the right not to reply to unsolicited sales or advertising-related inquiries.

[ Please directly contact us by e-mail using the contact information below. ]